Established in 1993 and with over 70 stores across the Asia-Pacific, Bay Audio has been trailblazing in tackling hearing problems. We believe in decimating traditional stigmas and allowing the hard of hearing to live unabated. We do not believe that a hearing problem should be an obstacle to you, to your life.

For over twenty years we have rooted ourselves in the latest, ever-evolving technology and so ensuring that our customers have the best products available on the market. Our latest breakthrough is a free, accurate and simple screening test for an iPad, taking only five minutes to complete and assuring you precise early diagnosis. Come into our store today to see for yourself and fall in love with the speed and convenience of the latest in screening technology. We deliver a wide product range of fully tailored hearing aids, customised for optimum performance. Whether you require Open-Ear-Fitting, Behind-The-Ear, In-The-Ear, In-The-Canal or Completely-In Canal hearing aids, we have a full stock which is sure to contain your perfect match. Additionally, we supply extensive maintenance tools, such as Audio Cleaning Spray, Drying Jars and Drying capsules. Be confident that our commitment to the best means that all of these products are the best in industry, hand-picked to best solve your hearing problem.

Our stores are brilliantly equipped with purpose built consulting areas equipped with the latest hearing test equipment, operated by experienced and expert audiologists. Bay Audio’s services are customised for each and every person, assuring a personalised experience best fitted to confront hearing problems. Visit today for free professional assessments and enjoy complimentary annual hearing checks and consultations that track your capabilities and ensure that we adapt to your changing circumstances. Use Bay Audio to find professionals passionate about overcoming your hearing problems.